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Travel Abroad (K-12 and Higher Ed)

Students of all ages partake in studying abroad at locations around the world. Traveling Abroad, however, presents additional safety concerns for schools and campuses. Besides being in unfamiliar surroundings, students traveling abroad may be faced with culture and language barriers that may hinder safety should emergencies arise. Similarly, should the unthinkable occur, students may find themselves cut off from both their local acquaintances and their families and friends back home. Therefore, preparing before Traveling Abroad and staying informed while abroad are essential.

  1. U.S. Department of State
    1. Travel Tips
    2. International Scams
    3. Current Travel Warnings
    4. Students Abroad
    5. Smart Travel Enrollment Program (STEP)
  2. International Travel Issues for Americans
  3. Travel Abroad Safety and Health
  4. Advice for Safe and Healthy Travel for Students
  5. The Center for Global Education - U.S. Study Abroad Students
    1. Safety Abroad First - Education Travel Information (SAFETI)
  6. LGBTI Travel Information
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